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Electricity Generation Aqua Critox® offers the ability to generate electricity from even digested sludge.

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AquaCritox® is revolutionary technology which can completely destroy organic wastes and generate renewable energy.

Our unique AquaCritox® process uses the properties of supercritical water to provide an economical and sustainable solution for the management of liquid organic wastes.

The technology provides a rapid, clean and sustainable method of dealing with liquid organic waste streams such as high strength industrial wastewater, sewage sludge and biosolids and enables precious metals recovery from catalysts.

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Benefits of the AquaCritox® Technology

Waste to Energy
AquaCritox® unlocks the energy present in organic wastes. The process releases energy and generates steam at 500oC which is used to generate heat and electricity.

Resource Recovery
AquaCritox® provides a complete resource recovery solution for organic wastes. AquaCritox® can be used to recover materials such as phosphorus and precious metals.

Complete Organics Destruction
AquaCritox® results in complete and rapid destruction of organic wastes with no hazardous byproducts or emissions. Conversion of organic material to carbon dioxide is achieved in supercritical water at 221bar and 374oC.

Supercritical water oxidation
AquaCritox® uses the phenomenon of supercritical water oxidation to break down organic wastes to CO2 in supercritical water in 60 seconds.

SCFI Strengthens Offering with Air Products Partnership

Irish firm SCFI has announced an alliance with Air Products to streamline its customer offering whilst further developing commercial opportunities for AquaCritox®, its environmentally sustainable sludge and wet industrial waste destruction technology. The alliance supports end users of AquaCritox by combining all the components needed (including both technology itself and the required oxygen equipment and … Read More

Aquacritox featured on the Discovery Channel

Aquacritox was  featured on the Discovery Channel  ‘Dean of Invention’ show. The episode entitled ‘Gonzo for Guano’  included  footage and interviews from the Aquacritox Demonstration site and  premiered November 11th 2010.  To download the file, click here. Inventor Dean Caiman,  delves into how emerging technologies can produce renewable energy from sewage sludge and biosolids. The Aquacritox … Read More

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