The AquaCritox® Energy Calculator

There are four basic inputs giving you an approximate output of the potential energy available in terms of electricity or steam from an AquaCritox unit. All outputs are subject to confirmation from SCFI. Please contact us for more detail on energy/mass balances and for operating costs, return on investment and capital costs calculations. All figures are metric.

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Total Annual Sludge Production: Total Annual Sludge Production:Annual volume of mechanically dewatered sludge
22 to 175,500

Wet Feed Per Annum Tonne

% dry solids in sludge: % dry solids in sludge:The % dry component of the mechanically dewatered sludge %
2% to 50%

% Ash (in Solids): % Ash (in Solids):Inorganic content of the dry solids. Non VSS (Equal 100% - VSS%) %
1% to 100%

C.V: C.V:22,000 kJ/kg is considered to be a conservative energy value for the VSS fraction of sewage sludge. % VSS x CV = CV of the dry solid kJ/kg
Recommended amount 22,000

Mass flow rate: Mass flow rate:Plant designed to run at 7500 hr/pa kg/hr

Mass flow rate solid: Mass flow rate solid:Mass flow rate of dry solid content kg/hr

Mass flow rate water: Mass flow rate water:Mass flow rate of water content kg/hr

Oxygen: Oxygen:Industrial Grade LOX Requirement kg/hr

Total Thermal Energy Produced: Total Thermal Energy Produced:Thermal Energy Produced by Aquacritox kW

Total Electrical Energy Produced: Total Electrical Energy Produced:Conversion of Total Energy to Electricity with 5% heat loss and 25% conversion rate kW/hr

Net Electricity Available for Export: Net Electricity Available for Export:Industrial Grade LOX Requirement kW/hr

Steam produced at 60bar pressure: Steam produced at 60bar pressure:Industrial Grade LOX Requirement kg/hr

This tool provides for estimated performance only. Please contact SCFI for detailed calculations.
Steam and electricity production figures are based on implementation of ordinary recovery methods only.

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