Pharmaceutical Effluent Management

Pharmaceutical and Bio Pharma Industry

The Pharmaceutical and Bio Pharma Industry produces high strength organic liquid waste water which requires treatment. These high strength industrial waste streams are often difficult to break down in conventional wastewater treatment processes. The high COD values and recalcitrant nature of the organic compounds present are characteristic of Pharmachem wastewater streams worldwide.

The AquaCritox® process can be used to achieve complete destruction of high strength industrial wastewater streams. The supercritical water oxidation process acheives rapid and total oxidation of all of the organic compounds present.


  • Complete destruction of all organic components
  • Small footprint technology
  • Cost effective alternative to incineration
  • No difficulties obtaining a licence
  • No dioxins formed during oxidation
  • Energy recovery module available to produce renewable energy

SCFI has carried out trials on a variety of Pharmaceutical and Chemical wastewater streams at its AquaCritox® A10 facility. The results indicate complete destruction of organics.

Unlike membrane filtration processes, AquaCritox® does not produce a hazardous concentrate which then has to be disposed of. In biological treatment processes a hazardous waste sludge is produced, the AquaCritox® process produces an inert ash and a liquid stream with extremely low COD values. Wet Air Oxidation processes only achieve partial oxidation of pharmaceutical wastewater, whereas in the supercritical phase, complete oxidation is achieved. As the oxidation occurs in the water phase, the process does not have the air  issues which are associated with incineration of high strength organic wastewater streams.

SCFI Strengthens Offering with Air Products Partnership

Irish firm SCFI has announced an alliance with Air Products to streamline its customer offering whilst further developing commercial opportunities for AquaCritox®, its environmentally sustainable sludge and wet industrial waste destruction technology. The alliance supports end users of AquaCritox by combining all the components needed (including both technology itself and the required oxygen equipment and … Read More

Aquacritox featured on the Discovery Channel

Aquacritox was  featured on the Discovery Channel  ‘Dean of Invention’ show. The episode entitled ‘Gonzo for Guano’  included  footage and interviews from the Aquacritox Demonstration site and  premiered November 11th 2010.  To download the file, click here. Inventor Dean Caiman,  delves into how emerging technologies can produce renewable energy from sewage sludge and biosolids. The Aquacritox … Read More

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