The future of wastewater treatment

Our patented AquaCritox® technology is unique. It uses an advanced hydrothermal oxidation (HTO) process to provide a sustainable, safe and economical solution for wet waste handling and disposal.

Why AquaCritox?

AquaCritox technology has been developed to solve issues the oil & gas industry face when dealing with hazardous wastes, such as spent caustics, recalcitrant COD and ammonia streams. It not only destroys all odour and toxicity precursors, but it also makes waste safe for disposal through conventional routes.

What is AquaCritox?

The system uses SCFI’s patented HTO process to oxidise all oxidisable compounds present in wet waste – reducing their chemical oxygen demand by up to 97%, converting them into inert by-products and producing a non-toxic, odourless effluent.

Key benefits

With AquaCritox, your plant can benefit from a single-step, odour-free waste treatment solution, matched with lower costs and even a reduced carbon footprint.
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