Spent Caustic Treatment Technologies & Oxidation

Why AquaCritox?

AquaCritox technology has been developed to solve the issues the oil and gas industry faces when dealing with spent caustic – providing a safe, economical and sustainable solution.

Conventional issues

AquaCritox Solution


Reducing the COD (chemical oxygen demand) by more than 97%, AquaCritox converts any organics present in spent caustic into inert by-products. This produces a completely benign, odourless and foam-free treated effluent, and no solid residues. The effluent can be safely disposed of through a conventional wastewater treatment plant or sewer, and meets environmental discharge quality and permit requirements.

Transport & disposal

With AquaCritox, there is the potential for plants to remove or greatly reduce dependence on third-party waste transport and disposal routes (such as trucking off site for incineration). This means the route to disposal is fully secure.

Wasted energy

AquaCritox operates at a very high thermal efficiency. In fact, the system typically recovers enough energy to make the hydrothermal oxidation process self-sustaining – which minimises energy inputs.

High opex

As a sustainable, secure and single-step process, AquaCritox avoids the constraints and high costs associated with more traditional spent caustic treatment methods. What’s more, it outperforms other oxidation techniques, but with lower overheads.