LIFE+ Lo2x

The European Commission’s LIFE+ programme has funded a project to install a sustainable technology for resource recovery from waste treatment – using hydrothermal oxidation (HTO) – at a wastewater treatment facility in Valencia, Spain.

What is LIFE+?

The LIFE+ environmental research programme is an EU funding initiative to support environment and climate action. Through co-financing eco projects, LIFE+ aims to influence and develop EU policy as well as innovative technologies and methods.

Hydrothermal oxidation technology was selected for LIFE+ funding to help bring a sustainable and effective solution to the global issues surrounding wet waste destruction and disposal.

The aim

The aim of the LIFE+ Lo2x project is to identify the economic and environmental benefits of using HTO technology to treat sewage sludge and other wastes. Using data from a prototype system, the project is identifying the best processing conditions for treating and co-treating various wastes. It is also evaluating the efficacy of energy and resource recovery as well as the wider impact on operations at the plant.

The specifics

As part of the Lo2x project, an hydrothermal oxidation system is operating at the waste processing facility in Paterna (Valencia, Spain). The system is designed to treat up to six tonnes of sewage sludge, agri-food waste, industrial wet waste and landfill leachates each day. The prototype is providing a real-time demonstration of the financial, logistical and sustainability benefits of the HTO technology.

The partners

This project is a cross border collaboration between Ireland and Spain. Environmental technology expert AINIA is the central coordinator and the project is taking place at IVEM’s wastewater treatment plant in Paterna. Delivery and engineering support has been provided by IMECAL and URBASER.