The future of wastewater treatment

Our patented AquaCritox® technology is unique. It uses an advanced hydrothermal oxidation (HTO) process to deliver a sustainable, safe and economical wet waste disposal solution – whilst also providing the potential to recover renewable energy and valuable resources.

Why AquaCritox?

AquaCritox technology has been developed to solve issues the water industry face when dealing with municipal biosolids and drinking water sludge. It’s the only treatment technology that ensures full organic waste destruction with real waste-to-energy potential.

What is AquaCritox?

The system uses SCFI’s patented hydrothermal oxidation (HTO) process to mineralise wet waste – reducing volume by up to 97%, offering the opportunity to recover valuable resources and unlocking clean energy that would otherwise be lost.

Key benefits

With AquaCritox, your plant can benefit from a single-step, odour-free waste treatment solution, matched with lower costs and a much reduced carbon footprint.
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