The key benefits

Economical: Lower costs and quicker payback

With AquaCritox, the need for extensive dewatering, drying, incinerating, trucking or land spreading is dramatically reduced or eliminated. Resource recovery and renewable energy generation can also provide additional income.

Sustainable: For a reduced carbon footprint

AquaCritox is a net energy producer – and because it’s a single-step, on-site treatment method, it reduces truck movements. The process is also odour-free and residual materials are non-hazardous.

Efficient: With a destruction rate equal to incineration and greater than conventional wet air oxidation

AquaCritox is vastly more efficient than competing technologies and does not require pre-treatment, expensive dewatering/drying or gas cleaning.

Secure: Protecting your plant for the future

With AquaCritox, there are none of the potential risks usually associated with sludge disposal, and no onerous licensing issues. By generating renewable heat/power, AquaCritox can also improve a plant’s energy performance.

Straightforward: A single-step, clean and odour-free process

AquaCritox is the smart choice for waste generators, processors and planners. Its small footprint makes for easy integration. The enclosed process is also fully automated, for minimal manpower and maintenance.

Versatile: A treatment solution for a variety of wastes and applications

AquaCritox can be used to treat municipal, sewage and drinking water sludges – as a standalone technology, or combined with other treatment methods, such as anaerobic digestion.

Bespoke: Tailored to individual applications

AquaCritox is available in four sizes, with hydraulic loads ranging from 1 to 20 tonnes per hour and footprints of between 300m² (3,229 sq ft) and 1,750m² (18,836 sq ft). See Services for more info.

For more information about how AquaCritox works, please click here.